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Mushroom Radio

Mushroom Radio is a student run radio station from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Initiated with the intention of creating a platform for expression and communication from within the student community.

The radio station, initiated by KABK alumni Jack Bardwell, Ben Earl and Esther Vane was set up as a research tool that eventually developed into a platform for students to use and discuss topics as they will.

Sun kissed/Fog off

All the participants of the Master Artistic Research present their work in different constellations: as single works, a theater play of sorts, through collective writing, performances and an art auction. With the space of Quartair and a project website as the base for the different forms that came out.

On Mushroom Radio they finish their day together by listening to a story being read by one of them. You are invited to join in and listen to these Bedtime Stories before you go to bed. May they sink into your dreams. CHECK OUT THE ONLINE PART HERE (active from the 20th on)

Bedtime Broadcasts 19th,20th,21st March | 22:00CET

Mushroom Archive

Find some of our previous episodes on our Mixcloud!

Want to make radio?

Please get in touch. If you are a student at the KABK then this is yours.