The radio station, initiated by KABK alumni Jack Bardwell, Benjamin Earl and Esther Vane was set up as a research tool that eventually developed into a platform for students to use and discuss topics as they will.


22.01.22 -

Good for Nothing, Nothing for Good, is a white cube-exhibition hijacked by a pyjama-party, in which Design Inquiry Group shares their work around practises of “doing nothing”. Forming an extensive non-biological family in wildly self-designed pyjama’s, you’ll find its members share their video works and performing naps, poems, kung fu, a dance workshop and a dj-set. All broadcasted by Mushroom Radio.

In the wake of a post-pandemic world where ongoing ecological destruction intensifies inequality, and human and non-human bodies are exploited to the point of exhaustion; Design Inquiry Group has explored practises of doing nothing, together with a host of guest tutors. Doing nothing, some argue, is the strongest act of resistance against capitalism by essentially refusing to be useful to it. Doing nothing as a practice does not mean to literally do nothing —to strip life from all its activity— but, rather, to cut loose doing something from what is considered to be productive, efficient, and convenient within value systems defined by a capitalist logic.

11:00–13:00 Sounding Workshop with Ceola Tunsthall-Behrens
14:00–16:00 Design Inquiry Group Take-over: Poems, soundscapes, discussions, DJ-sets, sleeping sounds or perhaps nothing at all...

videos by Andon Bakarov