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Mushroom Radio

Mushroom Radio will be re-streaming a conversation about...Why Care about Palestine? What does it have to do with us in the Netherlands? What does it have to do with art Education?

The radio station, initiated by KABK alumni Jack Bardwell, Benjamin Earl and Esther Vane was set up as a research tool that eventually developed into a platform for students to use and discuss topics as they will.

Radio Workshop with MAR & MAPS

Mushroom Radio will be running two day long workshops on June 1st and 3rd with Masters Artistic Research and Masters Photography and Society. Between 17:00 – 18:00 we will broadcast the results, tune in to find out what the students have been up to!

Mushroom Archive

Find some of our previous episodes on our Mixcloud!

Want to make radio?

Please get in touch. If you are a student at the KABK then this is yours.